Thursday, April 05, 2007

Troops Out

I missed Shabbat services on March 17 because I was attending a demonstration marking the fourth anniversary of the United States invading Iraq. Since we live in Canada, we also incorporated this country's military involvement in Afghanistan. Since it was also St. Patrick's Day, I enjoyed a Guinness that evening with supper.

The march and rally was filled with energy and enthusiasm. It was one of the best ones I have partaken in yet. It was also a personal triumph of sorts.

I have a terrible fear of heights. However, I was required to take a picture from an aerial perspective. All of the marchers at the beginning of the event formed a peace symbol, and I had to take the picture from the top of a nearby parkade, looking right down over the concrete barrier. It was not easy. I was quite nervous and even put a prayer request out on the congregational e-mail list. But in the end I was able to do it. Without gettting sick to my stomach, as one of my colleagues suggested I would. In fact, when I got to the bottom of the parkade again after the marching began, I loudly proclaimed, "I am only slightly nauseous!"

Of course, now when I look at the photo and really think about how high up I was, I still get a bit queasy. But it was worth it -- it has been the photographic highlight of my life thus far.

G-d can take us to the highest heights, and He won't let us get seasick in the process.

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