Thursday, April 19, 2007


The day after Passover ended, I headed to one of my favourite restaurants to properly break the holiday with a microbrewed yeasty drink (yeast and anything leavened is forbidden during Passover).

While I imbibed, I also sat there ready a devotional book for singles (Single Servings by Lee Warren -- you should check out his blog of the same name, as well as his personal one).

I wondered to myself if there was any conflict between the fact that I was:
1) In a bar;
2) Drinking an alcoholic beverage; and,
3) Reading a book that reflects my faith.

This was my conclusion I came to before my green onion cake got cold (I was making up for lost time and starch). If we are to be salt and light, we have to take our faith with us, no matter where we go. If someone in that same restaurant were to label me a hypocrite for being there and drinking what I was drinking, the person had to mentally digest the fact that I am a person of faith in the first place. Perhaps someone who is not used to being around people of faith, or who has negative associations with faith in general (much like many of the people I meet in the activist community). No matter what the person was thinking, at least the person was thinking -- about faith.

And, if someone who was also a Believer caught me there and thought, "Tsk, tsk -- what a blemish of a sight -- drinking alcohol!" -- I would reply, "Then what are you doing here in this den of iniquity?"

I, for one, am not ashamed to drink my beer and study the Word at the same time.

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