Monday, March 05, 2007

Helpmates or Companions?

The Scriptural position on marriage is that a wife is supposed to be a helpmate to her husband. She is supposed to support him in his ministry and life. This has gotten me thinking that it would be against these teachings for me to get married.

I've often joked that I need a wife. Running a business, being active in ministry, and taking part in social causes takes up a lot of time and energy. Add on top of that bookkeeping, paying bills, household chores, and the various other things that come up in the course of having a life. A helpmate would be wonderful Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be part of the plan. A woman is supposed to be a helpmate to her husband, not the other way around.

However, if you ask people in the world and in the church why they get married, the answers usually have something to do with companionship, love, and sometimes even sex. And indeed, all of these aspects are important in a marriage. So why can't being a helpmate work two ways? Am I supposed to believe that I should not get married because I have a business and ministry of my own? Do I have nothing left to give another person because I am so absorbed in my own activities?

Companionship is as valid a reason for marriage as being or needing a helpmate. After all, it is not good for man to be alone. As for me, I think someone who has a proven record of helping others in various situations is a good candidate for being a helpmate.

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