Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Support the Troops - Bring Them Home Decal

***I am posting this on behalf of some friends of mine who are long-time members of the peace movement here in Edmonton***

We are an Edmonton couple who are very disturbed by the loss of life of 133 young Canadians and probably 1,000 Afghanis due to the participation of Canadian troops in the war in Afghanistan. An Ipsos Reid poll of Oct./09 states that 37% of Canadians want our troops out of this war theatre. For this reason we have started a campaign to gain support to bring our troops home and to counter the propaganda by the Canadian military to justify our troops continued involvement.

Consequently, we have purchased and have on hand 500 magnetic ribbon decals for placement on the back of cars. These state, "Support our Troops, Bring Them HOME". They are 3 1/2" x 8", very attractive with bold red lettering, a red maple leaf on one end and set on a white background. We can acquire thousands more of these. Please see attachment for decal photo.

The rational for our stand on this question is as follows:-

Most of us know that Canadian troops went in to Afghanistan to support the war on terrorism. We have now learned that Mr Bush's main purpose was to acquire an oil pipe line through Afghanistan to supply more oil to the West.

The Afghan war is promoted by our government to Canadians stating,"if we kill the terrorists, it will make us all more safe". In truth, with todays mindset,the families of every one of the 1,000 Afghanis who have died, will be targeting Canadians in future. CSIS warns us regularly to be prepared for an attack in Canada.

Further, the Taliban are not stupid. They will be infiltrating Karzai's army for several obvious reasons; one of which is that NATO invaders will leave when the Afghan army is big enough. Karzai's army will then consist of a large percentage of Taliban sympathizers so their country will be back to square one.

Some people say our troops need to be in Afghanistan to insure girls get an education. We, agree with retired Canadian diplomat, Robert Fowler, who commented recently on CBC TV. I can show you many countries where girls need to be educated and we could help, where no lives would be lost".

More and more people are becoming aware of the hopelessness of using violence to stop violence. Recently the family of the 131st. Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan spoke out against the war. The loss of these lives, massive suffering and exorbitant costs is unconscionable compared to the benefits. Lets demand our government engage our troops in peacemaking, peacekeeping and other humanitarian work.

We are selling these decals at $2.00 (tooney) each, or $1.50 each for over 10 or more and $1.40 for 50 or more, plus express.

We look forward to hearing from you and we have every hope that this campaign and other initiatives will save lives.

Yours in Peace,
Bill & Rhyl Stollery

FOR SALE Magnetic decals 3 1/2 " x 8" to display on rear of vehicles
$2.00 each or 10 for $15.00,plus mailing
To order and receive details to promote campaign: e-mail or
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Ph. (860) 455-9621 Fax (800) 553-0006


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