Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Light Up and Farm Fair

It is less than 40 days until Christmas, and by the looks and sounds of things, the city is gearing up for the holidays. Most stores and coffee shops where I head have Christmas decorations on display, gifts for sale, and are even blasting Christmas tunes (I can live without the latter).

On Saturday, I went to the Christmas on the Square Holiday Light Up. Although I have often admired the large Christmas tree placed every year in Churchill Square, I never went to the actual light up. After an afternoon of horse-drawn carriage rides, ice carvings, food, balloons, and music, at 5 p.m. the tree was turned on. Then, a spectacular fireworks show began. Here are some photos and this is a video of the fireworks. As well, here is an iReport for iNews880 that used my media.

Another first for me took place on Friday when I headed to Farm Fair with some friends. Farm Fair is like a trade show for farmers, with different kinds of livestock on display and in competitions. Friday was bull day apparently, as the Northlands was filled with these gigantic animals. It was amazing to be so close to animals that huge. I also saw a calf herding competition. Here are my photos.

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