Friday, June 15, 2007

Facebook Funk

Like many others, I am addicted to Facebook. It is incredibly cool to be able to look up old friends and see how they are doing. It also brings some strange feelings, seeing some of them in pictures holding their children, or posing with their spouses. Some people I thought for sure would have families are still single, and vice versa. I guess Facebook really makes me feel my age. Sort of like when I was at Earth Day and one of the performers, someone I went to University with, had a group of teenage and almost teenage kids run up to him -- and one of them called him Daddy. Wow. Had I married at a standard age, I am indeed old enough to have teenagers (or, almost teenagers). Then I try to remind myself of all the things I am doing that would not have been possible, had I been tied down with a family. Still, I sometimes feel choked when thinking that perhaps there is more to life than music, art, writing, serving in leadership, and activism.

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