Monday, November 06, 2006

Tikkun Olam

"Tikkun Olam" means "repairing the world" (or, healing). It is a Jewish concept that my Pastor/Rabbi's wife brought up to me about a year ago when I discussed with her the possibility of getting a single's group going. The idea was, that we would work together on a project in the greater community (either Believing, mainsteam Jewish, or the wider community at large) as a form of outreach and networking. The project would be considered "Tikkun Olam" because we would be working together towards a cause, be it building a house with Habitat for Humanity, or serving up meals at a shelter. We did not get it going at the time because we did not have enough single folks who were interested, but we have left it on te backburner. It seems that now, people in the congregation are coming forward and expressing concern over issues such as homelessness. They want to know how they can help, where they can donate, and what else they can do. We're thinking about making a contribution to the local Food Bank as a congregation. These are all worthy and worthwhile causes.

I'd like to take it one step further. I believe that as individuals and as a congregation, we need to probe deeper and look at the reasons why these problems exist. Solving the problems in society go beyond dishing up soup and handing out warm coats. Those are band-aid solutions on top of much deeper issues. We need to get at the root of the problems and work from there. This is an activity that can be fostered through discussion groups -- yet another good activity for us single folks to fellowship together. We won't necessarily be able to solve all of society's problem, but at least raising our awareness will make us more involved and socially conscious citizens. And bring our minds towards major areas needing prayer.

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