Sunday, November 05, 2006

In The World, But Not Of It

As Believers, we often hear that we are to be "in the world, but not of it." However, I believe too many of us are not even in the world, to any great length. Many of us have been home schooled, then off to Christian college, hanging out with Christian friends, listening only to Christian music and reading Christian books, even working in Christian businesses in some cases, and of course, attending church every Saturday or Sunday. We establish a nice, comfortable cocoon of which we rarely venture out. Anything that takes us away from this comfort zone is to be avoided, for fear of "contamination". But Yeshua walked amongst sinners. He hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes.

One of the biggest criticisms I get for my work in the activist community, is that I have aligned myself with left-wing liberals. Oh no, the horror. First of all, there are numerous Believers amongst the activist. Most of them are Anglican, Lutheran, Quaker, and Mennonite -- in other words, at the left wing of the Protestants. Secondly, if we are to be salt and light, we need to be in the world, and show the example of what Believers are. One of my activist friends sent me an e-mail right after Passover, wishing me a happy holiday and adding that she still did not understand religious folks, but that I had "restored her faith . . . in faith." Amen.

I really think it is a misconception that because we are Believers, that we have to believe certain things apart from the Bible -- that we have to accept everything our government and media throws our way. If that means that we have to step out and step up in the world, then so be it.

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