Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Words Pictures Music

I hung my first shingle on the Internet in 1997, when I started my freelance writing business. Since then, my work has expanded to include editing, photography, videography, website design and content, and, most recently, social media.

As well, photography, painting, and poetry consume much of my non-working time. In an effort to bring everything I do together, I started a personal website called My Name Is Paula a couple of years later. However, it did not take long for my work to be scattered all over the Internet on various different website.

Over the years my skills have developed, yet the two main websites I was using to promote myself and my work appeared almost stagnant. I would update the content of course, the but the designs were out of date and difficult to update. Changing times bring, well, changes. So, last week I decided to purchase a new domain and Wordpress my way to a brand new website combining everything still relevant. Behold: Words Pictures Music

Words, pictures, and music pretty well sum up who I am and what I do. Although I tend to loathe the term "branding" as it applies to a person (as opposed to a corporation), a rebranding was definitely in order. There is also a blog at the site, but it will only deal with work and creative projects. My social commentaries will remain here.

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