Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Video Milestone

When I began filming Edmonton's activist scene back in 2006 (I began photographing it in 2005 but did not acquire a video camera until about six months later), I had no idea this would become something of a second career for me.

2013 marks two milestones for my videography. My main YouTube site broke the million view mark, and over this past weekend I uploaded video #1000. Yes, 1000 videos documenting peace marches, environmental rallies, political actions, and other events pertaining to social justice and human rights.

In the beginning, I was also filming and posting videos from festivals, cultural events, and other happenings around Edmonton. A couple of years ago I decided to dedicate the channel exclusively to activism and set up a second channel for music, culture, and festivals in Edmonton. I also have another YouTube channel just for my own music, which has over half a million video views and apparently I am quite popular in Argentina.

However, my "baby" when it comes to my film work will always be my activism channel, which I link up to my independent media site Radical Citizen Media, a photo and video blog of all things progressive, left leaning, and activist in Edmonton.

Just for interest's sake, I am on my third video camera, lost count of how many digital still cameras I have owned over the years, and regularly use my iPhone for photos and videos as well. I am sure those of you who own similar technology do as well. Anyone can become the media.

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