Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How To Change Our Rape Culture

Preventing Violence Against Women/Reclaiming Our Safety

Teenage girl gets drunk with some of her high school's football players, passes out, and is sexually violated. The high school football players are charged, tried, and convicted of rape. The sympathies of much of the town, schoolmates, and even the media is given to the convicted rapists.

Yes, this is what has happened in Steubenville, Ohio, in a case resonating throughout the world. Oh, the poor young men whose lives have been ruined by this conviction. They had such bright futures.

What about the victim? Well, most of the attention was on the fact that "Jane Doe" was drunk. Yes, she was. Which makes these boys' actions even more despicable, taking such physical power over her in such a vulnerable state.

This isn't a Steubenville problem. It is a problem of our entire society which blames the victim and slut-shames and puts jocks up on pedestals. Somehow, the ability to run fast or catch a ball or slide around on ice chasing after a compressed chunk of rubber makes a person superior. Physical prowess is upheld as an attribute of masculinity.

Preventing Violence Against Women/Reclaiming Our Safety

If only we cared as much about developing sensitivity and respect in young men, especially towards those who may be vulnerable. If only we taught boys not to rape, instead of only teaching girls how to avoid being raped.

We live in a rape culture. How can change happen? When emotional and intellectual traits in men are venerated as much as physical power. When a victim can be a victim without blame. When victims can come forward without fear of retribution on her reputation.

International Women's Day March 2013

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