Friday, September 07, 2012

Alberta Street News' New Website

I used to always post about my new projects here, pretty much as soon as possible after the project was finished or went live. However, these past few months have been absolutely crushingly busy.

One project I definitely want to mention briefly is that I designed a new website for Alberta Street News. I had worked on a very scaled-down site for its previous incarnation, Edmonton Street News, since 2009.

However, when the paper expanded into Calgary last year, a change was in order. Hence, the birth of the new site. As well, I brought the paper further into the social media world with its own Facebook page. ASN has been on Twitter for some time now.

I am a huge fan of street newspapers. They are a way for the marginalized to earn a living while giving them an outlet for their thoughts and creativity. I was involved for a while with the now-defunct Our Voice, and made the transition to Edmonton Street News shortly thereafter.

Enjoy the new site, and be sure to buy a physical copy of Alberta Street News from a badged vendor.

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