Friday, May 14, 2010

Exploring: Paul Kane Park

Paul Kane Park
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I've lived in Edmonton my whole life, but there are still nooks and crannies here and there I have not yet visited. Paul Kane Park is one of these places. I must have passed it dozens of times riding my bike north on 102 Avenue. It is tucked away behind the Anglican Parish of Christ Church, which I always pass on that route.

Instead of continuing to head north I turned left and entered the park. I was surprised at how big it actually was, with a huge decorative pool. Right now, the pool was filled with stagnant water of meltage from a recent spring storm, but I look forward to how it will appear when it is cleaned up. I also loved the landscaping - lots of trees and benches, and the long, paved path that runs throughout. Someone else on a bicycle was doing laps around the pool (and getting in the way of my pictures!), while couples strolled along.

I am not sure how much of a destination Paul Kane Park is in and of itself, but I will definitely take a few detours through it this summer.

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Mezamashii said...

Didn't even know that was there! Neat!