Friday, January 01, 2010

Bucket List

It started on Twitter. Someone came up with a "bucket list" and blogged about it. Soon, others of us tweeps were creating our own bucket lists. In case you don't know what that means, a "bucket list" is a set of goals we aim to reach before we "kick the bucket" so to speak. It is also the title of a movie from a few years ago starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson on this very topic.

The website where we have been recording our bucket lists is called Day Zero. Actually, it is not a real bucket list -- the site gives you 1001 days to complete your goals. This affected my choices. Some of the items are indeed on my "bucket list" (like writing a book) but others are more mundane things that I simply have not gotten around to yet, at least in recent memory (like going horseback riding).

In some ways, I was hesitant to create a list because it can be a setup for failure and disappointment. However, it is also a tangible reminder of things towards which I am working.

Here is my list.

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