Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving the Earth

Earth's General Store has been a valuable source of information and supplies for the activist community. The store sells goods that are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and fairly traded. Owner Michael Kalmanovitch also helps the community in many other ways, such as storing our banners, sound equipment, and distributing posters for upcoming events.

However, the store is very small. It is also up a huge flight of stairs, making it inaccessible to many.

This is changing soon.

Earth's is moving to a new location further up Whyte Avenue on 96 street. I checked out the place yesterday and it much larger and on ground level. While definitely still under construction, I was amused by the quirky colour scheme and could tell that there is a lot of potential in this spot. Here is a very preliminary sneak peak courtesy of my photoset.

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