Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Goldstone Report - A Jewish Opinion

The B’nai B’rith has denounced the Goldstone Report. Now, I’m Jewish, and I’ve read the report. I’ve also read criticism of it and support of it. My conclusion? I don’t find the Goldstone Report biased or an attack on Israel. We can’t just blindly support a nation in everything it does when it commits atrocities. Just because a UN sanctioned report is critical of Israel, doesn’t mean it is attacking Israel either. There’s a saying: the truth hurts. Perhaps instead of condemning everything that doesn’t paint Israel in a positive light, we as Jews should be looking towards ways of building peace in that nation with the Palestinians. I say this as a Jewish person and someone who fully believes Israel has a right to exist. I realize I am going to take a lot of flack for this, but I don’t believe blind nationalism is a Jewish value. In fact, the only people who are saying the Goldstone Report is biased and one-sided are the Zionist lobby and those who support them. So who is really being one-sided?

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