Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change and Relevance

This post is written as part of Blog Action Day 2009.

Climate change is one of those issues that has my friends divided. Many of them believe this to be a threat to our world, while others think it is media hype as our temperatures wax and wane based upon pre-determined cycles. They feel there is nothing the human race can do to change anything when it comes to our weather.

My ecologically inclined friends (and I count myself in amongst these numbers) on the other hand, think that we have a huge role to play in what happens to the world via our carbon footprints. We are the ones who try to ride or walk instead of drive, recycle, and consume less in general. We hope and sometimes pray our efforts will have an effect on the melting polar ice caps and other environmental carnage the world currently faces.

I believe this comes down to a question of life values concerning materialism and consumption (and ultimately capitalism itself, as some of my more radical friends may suggest). Let's just set aside the argument of whether or not our actions can affect climate change. Do we still have an obligation to be responsible about those actions? Absolutely! There is no benefit to growing landfills, pollution, poisoned rivers, and other environmental disasters caused by our relentless quest for oil and possessions.

Climate change may seem like a big issue that is far from our abilities as individuals to make a dent. In fact, what is truly needed are governmental policies to foster protection of the earth. Countries need to follow existing policies, like the Kyoto Accord, which Canada tends to ignore. However, as individuals, we can at least try to make a cleaner, better world around us.

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