Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend Adventures 2

This past weekend was not quite as hectic as the previous one, but there was still a lot of things to see and do.

I visited the Monster Garage Sale held by the Unitarian Church of Edmonton. A lot of the good stuff got picked out on the Friday, but there was still a lot of things there, particularly books. I controlled myself though - my place is too cluttered as it is.

My companion who took me to the garage sale was commemorating the anniversary of a family member's passing, and since we were in the north part of the city I accompanied him to the cemetery so he could pay his respects. I find cemeteries strangely eerie and beautiful at the same time.

Off to the South Side. I hung out on Whyte for a while, enjoying a meal at Cafe Mosaic (tofu scramble with fake-bacon) and stopping by the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market and Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair. Then, I had supper at Brewster's, with a dish on their new menu - chicken with a mushroom/beer sauce. It reminded me of coq au vin.

Sunday was extremely windy, but I rode my bike downtown anyways (and almost had my helmet blown off) to attend a celebration surrounding the recent election in El Salvador. The music was fantastic, and ethnic Salvadoran food was available. I spent some time in my office checking out Boyle McCauley News' new distribution box that we are hoping to get on the street in the very near future.

Riding home was a bit tricky because of the wind, and also with the realization that the area on my bike seat that was worn through was ripping my pants. A sweetie came to the aid of this damsel in distress, loaded my bike in his van, and got me to Western Cycle where I got a new seat (installed this afternoon) and also some handlebar grips (mine are ripping off).

I'll be posting a few photos on my Flickr site soon.

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