Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Gallery Walk - An Afternoon of Firsts

I took part in the 124 Street Gallery Walk for the first time ever yesterday. The Gallery Walk takes place twice a year, so the galleries can show off their new displays for the season. I live-blogged my experiences and what I was seeing at my Twitter (@livingsanctuary). This was also the first time I set foot in most of these galleries, with the exceptions of Bearclaw Gallery (from which I proudly sport a turquoise ring) and Scott Gallery. I also stepped in to Front Gallery because it was along the way (right next door to several of the other galleries, in fact), even though it does not participate, for reasons I cannot figure out. Despite the wind, it was a lovely walk, even though I did not get to all the galleries. A couple of them were way in the other direction, making their inclusion in a route that otherwise had most of the galleries within a four block range surprising. However, I really enjoyed the diversity of subject matters, cultural representations, medias, and the other art lovers who were wandering around. It was great to be in the galleries with more than one or two other people present.

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