Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yoga Update

I have had three yoga sessions so far. I accidentally dropped in on a power yoga class for my first time out, but I survived. However, I did feel dizzy and disoriented afterwards. I also was quite sore the next day. The next two classes have been more moderately paced. I brought another yoga newbie friend with me. I'm not as sore after, am getting stronger and more flexible, and feel quite relaxed after. I am looking at yoga from a perspective of health, exercise, and relaxation rather than spirituality. There are some Eastern religious influences, but I can respect these and find ways to incorporate them into my own belief system. After all, we do have light and divinity within us, regardless of our religious beliefs - some would call that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Others would call it something else reflective of whatever traditions they follow. I'm focusing more and more on what we have in common as people than differences based on culture and religion. This is not to say I am watering down my own beliefs. On the contrary - exposing myself to different views and practises makes me think more about my own and constantly reexamine, refine, and reevaluate.

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