Saturday, March 21, 2009

Canada Let In the Wrong George!

Earlier this week, George W. Bush made his first live appearance post-White House, and came to Calgary to speak to an invitation-only, $400 a seat crowd. Hoards of protesters, including people from Edmonton, went there to show their dismay that someone whose administration was responsible for war crimes was even allowed into the country.

Just yesterday was an announcement that British M.P. George Galloway would be denied a visa to enter Canada on the basis that he is a security threat to the country, due to his dealings with Hamas and Hezbollah. Galloway is outspoken in his support of the Palestinian people, and has dealt with their leadership because that was his way of reaching the people, most recently during a convoy of British people who went to Gaza to present humanitarian aid.

Galloway has often been accused of being an anti-Semite, and now he is being called a security threat. This video is my response.

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