Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Actually Responsible For A Living Thing

Grafted Cactus
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I was having coffee in Zocalo with a friend, and as we browsed the aisles of artfully designed housewares and gifts my eyes fixed upon a small display of grafted cacti. They are made by putting parts from two different plants together, after which they fuse to create a whole new plant. I find a lot of the plants that Zocalo sells to be beautiful and interesting, but then I saw this one cactus that literally melted my heart. I named him Sunshine (it has to be a him with the shape it is) because of the bright burst of gold at the top. He currently stands at 8.75".

I feel weird saying this, but I think Sunshine is cute. I have never considered a plant to be cute before. Nor have I owned one. Now I do. It makes me a bit nervous to know I am responsible for a living thing, but Sunshine makes me happy. Especially when skies are gray.

I also feel that Sunshine (or, Sunny for short) carries with him a spiritual analogy. At his base is the root and the stem. On top is a bright, bold statement (akin to our acceptance of the Divine). Together, a new creation is made, just as we are new creations when we come to faith.

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