Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday was the federal election in Canada. The existing government was trying to get a majority of seats in Parliament. The Prime Minister felt a minority government would not work properly. Well, unfortunately he wasted his time and a whole lot of tax money, as another Conservative minority government was elected. Minority governments in Canada don't really last much longer than two years at a clip, so we can probably expect to head to the polls again some time in 2010.

Pretty much everything stayed the same in Edmonton, except in the Strathcona riding where NDP Linda Duncan won over incumbent Conservative Rahim Jaffer. I am very happy for her. I have had the privilege of meeting her a few times and she is very experienced and intelligent.

I spent much of yesterday evening live-blogging on Twitter, commenting on the numbers as they came in.

I got a book the other called Reaching the Left from the Right by Barbara Curtis. She is a former hippie who became a Born Again Republican when she became a Born Again Christian. This is what I just don't understand -- why does our faith have to make us socially conservative? I'll for sure talk more about this book after I read it.

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