Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rally for Change

On Saturday, I attended the Rally for Change. It was actually a rally for Jack Layton. Which in effect would be change, a change from the Conservative government from which we currently suffer. There were hundreds of NDP supporters filling the lobby of the Winspear Centre. It was the first time I have ever seen a major political figure speak live. I ended up filming from the second floor, as it just got way too crowded.

In churches, we don't talk about politics too much. At least in Canada, candidates and parties cannot be supported from the pulpit, lest the church risk losing its charitable status. We talk about issues that are hot properties in political circles, like abortion, gay marriage, poverty, and peace, but ultimately, at least in my congregation, we encourage people to vote with their conscience.

I used to think that being a Believer meant I had to vote a certain way or have certain political beliefs. I was so wrong. Religion and politics tend to be way too tied up together. When I hear people ranting about "right-wing evangelical Christians" I know they are making a generalization, but it is borne of this cookie-cutter mentality that is far too pervasive in church circles. Christian does not have to equal conservative. Jesus was a socialist. Deal with it.

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