Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pics'n'Vids: September 18, 2008

Let the War Resisters Stay & Anti-SPP Rally
September 13, 2008

Pics (24 images):

Peggy Morton, ECAWAR (6:47)
Linda Leibovitz speaking on Omar Khadr (2:16)
Dr. Gordon Laxer, Parkland Institute (9:34)
Dr. Martin Tweedale, Council of Canadians (8:13)
Event organizer Aaron Skaley speaking on
war resisters (1:45)
and TILMA (Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Movement between Alberta and B.C.) (5:13)
Doug Meggison, Council of Canadians and ECAWAR (8:28)
Harlan, Vietnam draft dodger (9:31)


Grandmothers for Africa
Grandmothers for a New Generation (GANG) is an organizations seeking to support grandparents in Africa who are caring for their grandchildren, mostly orphans who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. A rally on September 6 brought attention to the fact that inexpensive AIDS medications are needed in Africa, as they were promised by our government.

Photos (28 images):

Linda Duncan (3:43)
GANG Speaker (2:43)
Notre Dame de Bananes (3:53)
Raging Grannies (6:55)

Edmonton Poetry Festival
On September 13 I read some of my poems in front of a live audience at the Milner Library downtown. Edmonton's Poet Laureate Alice Major introduced all of the readers in our segment. "Poetry and politics do mix" was what she said after I finished. Five poems, five minutes (our allotted time). Three written by me, two with Radical Randy. Here is a look at my reading (4:53):
(Yes, I know I was reading very quickly -- like I said, I only had five minutes!)

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