Sunday, March 23, 2008

Missions Fest Missel

Yes, I know it is one month hence, but I wanted to write something about Missions Fest. I love attending Missions Fest and volunteering there with the congregation. It is one of our biggest outreach events of the year and a way of connecting with the Believing community in Edmonton. We always get a variety of people asking about who we are and what we do. Some people want to try to blow the shofar, or at least want to hear us blow it. I never try to play it. Bone is porous and there is no way of sterilizing it.

A couple of people asked about Jewish people in the congregation. One woman teared up at my presence and said, "Bless you." Another person, an older man, was rather incredulous. "A real Jewish girl?" "Yes. I am." Part of me was flattered; another part wondering what kind of sheltered lives some people lead if they have never met anyone Jewish before. Or maybe just the fact I am a Believing Jew makes me some sort of rare specimen.

I am thinking of getting involved with the Micah Challenge. It is an organization for Evangelical Christians and churches who want to do something about poverty and social justice around the world. There were also a few other ministries present that seemed a bit more progressive (at least, in relation to most Evangelical institutions). I gained hope.

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