Monday, January 28, 2008

Drumming - A Dream Come True

I used to always want to play the drums. For some reason, my parents did not want me having a drum kit in our home. Fortunately, I also wanted to play the guitar, so I went that route instead. However, drumming has always been in the back of my mind. I would sometimes fool around on drum kits, but never played anything seriously.

Still, I own several percussion instruments, a practise drum pad, and a set of sticks called "stingers" -- they look like a bunch of thin sticks banded together. On Friday night (or Saturday morning, depending on what time it was), I had very vivid dream that I was playing the drums with my stingers, and one of the sticks was broken.

In the morning, as I was leaving for services, I grabbed my stingers. I play on the worship team on Saturday mornings, and I was going to sit this one out as a split on a finger on my left hand made me unable to play guitar or mandolin. However, I thought I would sit in on a couple songs during rehearsal, totally screw up, have a good laugh, and that would be that.

I was both amazed and surprised that I was able to keep time and a regular rhythm. Using mainly the kick, snare, and one of the cymbals, I played during both the rehearsal and service. My dream had come true, and I realized a lifelong goal. The only difference was that my stingers stayed intact during the whole event.

Afterwards, I headed to a music store and got some proper drum sticks and a set of brushes for the slower songs.

Sometimes dreams come true on their own. Sometimes dreams can come true, if you are willing to put in the required effort to make them happen.

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