Sunday, October 07, 2007

Update and Recap

I honestly did not realize how long it has been since I last posted. Yeah, I know -- I bet a lot of people begin their blog updates with that line. Anyways, there have been a few major actions that have come my way in the last couple of months.

On August 18, I took part in a march and rally organized by Albertans Demand Affordable Housing, calling for rent control and for more affordable housing to be built. This event was a bit of a departure for me, since I came out from behind the camera, and actually performed a song I wrote for the occasion. Even though the weather was nasty and I was on the tail end of a cold, it went pretty well. All week long I was praying and asking people to pray that my voice would hold out, depite my being sick, and it did! G-d truly hears and answers prayer.

Since the High Holy Days came out early this year, I had to miss out on a few events, such as a funeral to bury Alberta's labour code, and a release party for a collection of Haiku poetry for which I was a contributor. However, I did some filming of a die-in concerning the genocide in Darfur (a die-in is when you lay on the ground really still), and photography of artwork installations for the Edmonton Small Press Association's North of Nowhere Expo. I also filmed a presentation as part of NoN about Dignity Village, which is sort of like a tent city for the homeless, but with the city's support.

Speaking of Tent City, myself and a few other members of ADAH went down there on the day it was closed (September 15), to talk to residents who were packing up. I filmed those conversations, as well as one with a government rep. It was very obvious that many of these people had nowhere else to go. This was a very humbling experience that brings me to my knees thanking G-d for what I have. Anyone who is looking for people to pray for, should just spend some time in the inner city.

Meetings with the various organizations with which I am involved have swung back into high gear, and upcoming events are being planned. So, hopefully my next update will come much sooner than this one!

G-d bless and be well. And, Happy Thanksgiving.

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