Saturday, July 07, 2007

So Many Actions, Such Little Time

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic. In what was left of my spare time, I attended numerous actions with my cameras, including:

- An affordable housing rally geared towards the disabled.

- Another affordable housing rally organized by one of the local street newspapers and a grassroots groups that started up to deal with this issue.

- A National Day of Action dealing with the treatment by the government of the Aboriginal population, and in this specific instance, the Lubicon Cree in Alberta.

- A teach-in on Afghanistan, similar to the one that ECAWAR organized in October of last year.

- A peace rally focusing on respecting our racial and cultural differences.

- The Pride Parade - yes, you read that correctly. I marched in a Gay Pride Parade, with The Raging Grannies as their official photographer. There were Grannies from all over the Western United States and Canada for a convention that weekend, and they hired a horse and buggy to take them through the parade route.

I have always said to look at my activist involvement as extreme cross-cultural ministry. That it is.

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