Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Musical Afternoon

I had an early afternoon audition for an inner city music festival coming up in June called Heart of the City. I performed two of my original songs that I know so well, I can play with my eyes closed. And, in fact, I did play with my eyes closed -- so that I would not be distracted by looking at the facial expressions of the judges. They especially liked my lyrics, but I have no idea if I actually made it in or not. I shall update.

Then, it was off to CKUA for a three-hour shift answering phones for the station's Spring fundraising campaign. I walked in with my guitar and a friend I worked the shift with tried to convince me to take it out and play, but we were there during a blues show and I don't really know any blues licks. If it was a folk/acoustic show maybe I would have.

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