Monday, April 30, 2007

Fair-Weather Believers?

Yesterday I was at the Walk for Darfur rally in Churchill Square. I didn't stay long as it started pouring and I am getting over a cold, so spending two hours in the rain was probably not a good idea. I stayed long enough to get some photo and video footage. Seeing these students embracing and dancing after spending eight days walking from Calgary to Edmonton was an inspiration. Others who joined them on the final 15 km were complaining of pain and blisters, so I can't imagine the physical endurance these young folks had. I did not see as many of my colleagues in the peace community as I expected, but there were a few. I imagine the weather kept many away. I am trying really hard not to be a "fair-weather activist." In the same vein, I have always tried to make it to services and related events even when the weather is not great. How many of us are really "fair-weather Believers"?

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