Friday, November 03, 2006

Where Are The Evangelicals?

I attend interfaith dialogues and conferences, aiming to achieve human rights and peace.

Where are the Evangelicals?

We march for peace and justice, for an end to war, and to bring the troops home.

Where are the Evangelicals?

The climate is changing, putting human and animal lives at risk. Action must be taken.

Where are the Evangelicals?

The numbers of homeless multiply in the streets as the weather turns colder and shelters get full.

Where are the Evangelicals?

The dominant capitalist economic system exploits workers while corporations get richer and richer, dodging through tax loopholes and controlling the government (and vice versa).

Where are the Evangelicals?

Oh . . . wait a minute . . . they are:

Refusing to have anything to do with those bleeding heart liberals. After all, we all know Jesus was a capitalist, right? Right? And Jesus would never have had anything to do with people who don't believe what we do, who sin, and who are just not our kind of people.

Voting for the Conservative and Republican governments that help out their buddies in the business world. And even the poorer right-wingers won't change their vote, because of the candidates' stated views on abortion and gay marriage.

Joining the army because the wonderful capitalist system they support does not allow them to earn enough money to support themselves and their families. This is referred to as the "poverty draft."

Believing that since this world is temporary and our real treasure is in Heaven, we don't have a responsibility to be stewards of the earth and those who are therein. I like to refer to this attitude as "redeemed selfishness."

Oh, I am sure some are serving up grub in a soup kitchen. After all, we have to help the less fortunate and look good inthe process. It's the Christian thing to do.

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