Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't Wait Until You're Married

One of my biggest concerns about singles, especially those of us who have passed the glorious age of 30, is that we are sitting around waiting for something to happen. That we are not living life, but rather waiting until we get married for life to happen. Peoples, there is no guarantee we ever will get married, and whether we do or not, G-d gave us this season to live, not to wait. Are you making the most of your season of singleness? There are so many things that single people can be doing to impact the world around them, whether it be getting involved with local activism, becoming more active in your church, or volunteering with an organization. Think of all the extra time we have because we don't have the obligations of spouses or children taking up our time, our energy, and our finances. We may not always be so free -- let's make the most of it. If I had to make a checklist of everything I have been able to do over the past few years, I am sure some of it I could have done if I was married, but how much easier it has been because I am not. OK, if you insist, here is the list:

  • I was one of a small group involved in planting a congregation.
  • I became the Communications Coordinator and Administrator of said congregation -- as a volunteer (Praise G-d I am now an employee there).
  • I am actively involved in musical worship, playing three instruments (guitar, mandolin, and voice) and leading upon occasion.
  • I started sponsoring a child in Bangladesh through Compassion Canada.
  • I recorded three demos of original music, including one of Messianic music that we use in worship.
  • I run a small business doing everything from meeting with clients, to preparing print materials, to doing post office runs. Oh yes, and bookkeeping. As Jack, our Financial Administrator likes to say, "Accounting is fun!" (He is not being sarcastic. And come to think of it, he's single also . . . )
  • I document, photograph, film, and help plan peace marches and events.

There is no limit to the power of one -- when we are living in His love.

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